Plenty of Twenties

Outdoor Quilt Exhibit
Mineola Middle School
October 23, 2021

Our Plenty of Twenty’s Outdoor Exhibit was held at Mineola Middle School on October 23rd in honor of our 20th year. A Mustangs quilt was especially made for the occasion, and Dr. Michael Nagler, Superintendent of Mineola Public Schools, came to the show to receive it on behalf of the school and the Mineola Mustangs. Dr. Nagler is well-acquainted with the time and skill that go into hand-crafted items and was very appreciative of the work presented in the show and the Mustangs quilt in particular. We are grateful to Dr. Nagler for taking the time to meet our members and for graciously sharing the school grounds for our show.

From Cathy Peterson, Exhibit Chair

I think we can all agree that our 20 Year Anniversary Exhibit was a success! Thank you to all who helped make it possible! There were 51 quilts in all! Thank you to all who worked setting up and helped with all the little aspects that made it run smoothly. It’s no small task with all the carrying and loading and unloading of cars. Despite the chill in the air, it was so nice to get together, chat with people we don’t get to see that often and meet supportive family members! We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to use the Middle School fence. It allowed us to have a safe, outdoor environment with great parking. That’s all a win/win! What a nice day! It would have been a little nicer if the sun had shown up a bit more, but Mother Nature is Mother Nature. All in all, the exhibit showed off the talents and creativity of a great group of ladies. And it was a successful fundraiser to boot! We were able to raise $831.25! So Happy Anniversary, Everyone!