Donation to Dress for Recovery

June 15, 2022
Merrick, NY

Loraine Alderman, founder of Dress for Recovery, pictured with Jane Hartigan and Catherine Peterson

During our outdoor quilt show in Fall 2021, Mary Schuellein was approached by Loraine Alderman from “Dress for Recovery” about having ESQ make seat belt pillows for breast cancer patients.

As you know, the “pillows” wrap around the seat belts and make traveling more comfortable for those undergoing treatment. We included the seat belt project in our Charity Night event and the rest is history! We turned to Cathy Peterson (with very little notice!), who created an excellent pattern for making the pillows, with instructions for including a generous amount of padding, which was especially appreciated.

Recently, Maureen Mitchell, Cathy Peterson, and Jane Hartigan were able to meet and personally donate the 51 seat belt pillows that you made to Loraine.

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